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Miscellaneous Products
Miscellaneous Products
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Code Size Description Price
30-00-100 Each Bovine Brains (NZ) (not anatomical presentation) Frozen £55.73
30-10-100 Each Bovine Adrenal Glands Trimmed & Frozen Please Inquire
Each Bovine Liver, Collected to Order Please Inquire
30-30-500 Kilo Bovine Calf Thymus, Australian origin Please Inquire
Each Rat Brains, Collected to Order (anatomical presentation) Please Inquire
200g Rabbit Liver, Frozen Please Inquire
200g Rabbit Muscle, Frozen Please Inquire
Each Porcine Brains, Collected to Order (anatomical or split half presentation) Please Inquire
Each Tissue Preparations, to Order Please Inquire

Items collected especially to order may be subject to collection fees.

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