First Link (UK) Ltd.
Sera and PlasmasHuman Origin
Sterile Human Plasma (Citrated)
(HIV 1/2, HCV and HBsAg non-reactive)
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Code Size Description Price
22-00-810 100ml Normal Mixed Pool Plasma £94.45
22-00-850 500ml Normal Mixed Pool Plasma £177.00
22-05-810 100ml Normal Female Plasma £99.43
22-05-850 500ml Normal Female Plasma £208.94
22-10-810 100ml Normal Male Plasma £99.43
22-10-850 500ml Normal Male Plasma £208.94
22-15-810 100ml Group Specific Plasma £104.50
22-15-850 500ml Group Specific Plasma £248.87

Other anticoagulants (Lithium and Sodium Heparin, EDTA) can be specified - please inquire.

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