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Serum AlbuminsBovine Serum Albumin
Chromatographically Purified; Lyophilised Powder
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Unless otherwise stated, we manufacture our non-human albumins using ion exchange chromatography, salt precipitation and cross flow diafiltration. The process is designed to remove unwanted moieties away from the albumin, and to selectively retain the albumin. The albumin remains in solution at all times, except and until final lyophilisation for the dry powders only. This results in a more native and monomeric preparation, and also exhibits lower inter-batch variation than that manufactured using solvent and thermal destabilisation methods, such as Cohn precipitation. We do not add any preservatives or stabilizers such as caprylate to the chromatographically purified albumins.

We filter the concentrated solution from our process and lyophilise it into the Improved Standard grade albumin. The concentrate is further processed to provide the EIA/RIA, Fatty Acid Adsorbed and Low Endotoxin preparations, before lyophilisation. Alternatively the concentrate is used to formulate the solution presentations, rather than reconstituting dried albumin.

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