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Material Origins

Where we quote an origin, it refers to a bona fide raw material country of origin. Further processing may be performed in other countries. Animal materials from many national origins can be supplied in order to provide you with economy and choice. Your choice of origin should be guided by your intended use: economical materials suitable for normal laboratory work may not be appropriate if you are working with cell lines or products destined for use outside the European Union, or for other than in vitro use. This is often informed by the health status of the national herd in the supply and recipient countries involved, which is liable to vary. Information can be sought from the Organisation International Epizootic web site, and from the government animal health authorities in countries concerned (DEFRA in the UK, AQUIS in Australia, APHIS in USA, and MAF in New Zealand, for example). As we are in frequent communication with these bodies, we can give outline advice on suitability for your work, and import/export issues. Please note that the European Community Regulation on Animal By-Products, 1774/2002, is currently being finalised for technical products. Our approval as a technical plant is 46/557/9083/ABP/TEC, and all animal derived materials leaving our site are categorised as Technical Products. Please feel free to discuss origin issues with us.

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